Your Details
We have a very simple policy regarding your details (and those of the people we send the cards to) – we DO NOT pass them on or sell them to anyone, ever!

Name and address details that you enter on this site will only be used for the purpose of sending the cards you have chosen.

TIP: If you suspect that an organization may sell your name and address to a mailing list without your permission, introduce a subtle spelling error into the name or address. If you get any correspondence from anyone else with the same error you will have proof of where they got your details!

Your E-Mail Address and Spam
We hate spam just as much as you do, probably more! (Only one in 240 messages we get are not spam!)
We will only use your e-mail address for the following purposes:

  • To send you confirmation of your order and your cards being posted
  • To send you a reminder e-mail on the anniversary of a card you have sent>
  • To send you any other information that you have specifically opted to receive.

TIP:Use a free web-based e-mail service (such as Postmaster or Hotmail) for web sites you suspect may send you spam or sell your e-mail address. You can just not use it any more and /or set up another one if the spam comes flooding in!

For the uninitiated, a cookie is a small text file that a web site puts on your computer to hold things such as your details and where you have been on the site etc.
It is possible for unscrupulous web sites to access this information when you visit them, so many people don’t like the idea of them.
You can disable the use of cookies, but many sites (especially on-line stores) won’t work at all without them.
We do store a cookie on your PC, but only after you add the first card to your order. This is only used to allow you to continue with an order if you leave our site before it’s completed and return at a later time. We DO NOT store any details in the cookie itself – your details are stored securely in our database.
Incidentally, our site is one of the few sites that actually WILL WORK with cookies disabled, but your order details would be lost if you didn’t complete the order in one session!

Payment Processing
We do not use payments on this website