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Hey dear friends, welcome to my blog where you can find beautiful birthday wishes, which I gathered from around the web. Cheerful birthday quotes, friendly birthday messages, birthday wishes & SMS – I have a wide range of all of these here.

Happy Birthday Wishes

Importance of Birthdays

Just how important are birthdays? More than you might think. For adults, it’s not so much about gifts, but more about remembering someone and by so doing, honoring them by letting them know that you remember and that you appreciate them. It can be done in a simple, subtle way very inexpensively by just sending a birthday card to acknowledge their special day.

Even though adults will quip that they don’t count birthdays anymore, they still are special days for every individual and who doesn’t like to be noticed and appreciated? Every one on this planet appreciates acknowledgement. A simple gesture of sending a birthday card can and will brighten up anyone’s day to let them know that you are thinking about them and that you hope they have a special day. By far the best collection of Birthday wishes with images can be found on hoopoequotes.com.

Wish you all the best. Happy birthday!

Wish you all the best. Happy birthday!

Talk about winning the hearts of your customers and friends! The fact that you remembered them,will cause them to remember you and how thoughtful you were. The impact will far exceed the effort. Think of who you can send a birthday card to today!

Birthday is basically known as event which is celebrated by a person each year. Here I’ve curated many lovely birthday messages, quotes, poems, wishes and greetings for you, and these are suitable for all relations. You can share these on Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, etc.

These Birthday Wishes really show the person how much you care. Birthdays are such important occasions for gathering relatives, friends and well wishers to celebrate, party and bless your loved ones. Heart touching birthday quotes and birthday wishes can put a smile on their faces. And, apart from this, in some cultures they can be a necessary tradition from past period of time.

Cakes And Parties

Most of us deserve homemade cake on their birthday! Everybody likes chocolate cakes! And as birthdays call for decadence, rich chocolate cake can make a birthday much more decadent! Children are eagerly  waiting for their birthday to celebrate, to party, to call their friends, cut the cake and share it. So, to impress other children, you can select a nice and funny birthday wish image and prepare a cake with the image itself!


Most of the people cannot imagine Birthday without cake cutting and organizing a party for well wishers. Most of the people feel that Birthday is on of the most important days in their life and plan to celebrate the party months before. Some people plan to celebrate the Birthday and cannot sleep the whole night before!

In life of a human, birthday comes once in a year, and everybody has their own proper plan to celebrate that Beautiful day. On this website I have gathered some of the most awesome birthday wishes one can find, for you to share with loved friends and other family members, to brighten their special day. Here you can find lovely, cute and inspirational wishes, to share or send to your closest friends or family members, lovers, relatives, or anyone else you can think of!

We have prepared several sections of birthday wishes for you to choose from. Here you will be able to find general birthday wishes, messages for friends, inspirational birthday wishes, wishes for mother, brother, sister, and other relatives.

Most of us cannot imagine birthday celebrations without smiles, funny jokes and joyful laughter. Birthday is the most awaited day for everybody, so some people plan for it months before. Everybody is going to send great wishes and funny comments. The best part is when you start receiving calls from beginning of the day and you feel like it is the most amazing day of your life. For those funny guys and girls among you, we have also prepared a wonderful collection of funny birthday wishes and messages to get smile on faces of the ones you love on their birthday occasions. These funny messages give them laughter that keeps them young at heart.

It goes without saying that you should be original in your birthday wishes. You should keep them personalized, if possible, and always have in mind the personal traits of the person, and your relationship with her. If you want more ideas on this, check out this article on how to be different in birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday Images

Browse our collection of birthday wishes for all occasions HERE

Inspirational Birthday Wishes

Inspire your loved ones by sending them some of our inspiring wishes HERE.

Birthday Quotes

Select and share some of the most famous birthday quotes HERE.

Happy Birthday Poems

Want to read some birthday songs and poems? Look no further than HERE.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Family

Send your warmest wishes to your family on their birthday! If you want to share your love with your brother, sister, mother, father, or other relatives, check out our selection of wishes HERE.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends

Family we get upon birth, but friends we choose! So share your love with your friends and let them know how much they mean to you by sending your best wishes HERE.

Funny Birthday Wishes

A day without fun is a day wasted! So don’t let the birthday be wasted, smile with some of the best funny birthday wishes HERE!


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